Bad Ice Cream 3

Controls of players:

1st Player:
Action: “SPACE”

Bad ice cream 3 is a cartoon style casual game, which is an exciting challenge. All you need to do is control the selected characters, and then collect all kinds of fruits in each level to make ice cream to protect yourself and avoid monsters patrolling on the ice.

How to operate Bad ice cream 3

It is a game that can be played by two people so that you can challenge with your friends. You move in the direction through the direction keys and collect fruits in blank spaces. While your friend walks through the letters W, A, S and D, and the Q key manages resources.

Bad ice cream three game features

In Bad ice cream 3, before officially starting the game, choose your favourite flavour characters to play the game, such as chocolate, vanilla, etc. You can use the power of bad ice cream to build or destroy ice obstacles to facilitate your passage, but ice cubes may also surround monsters, so you need to be especially careful when opening ice. Collect as much fruit as possible to defeat the monsters in the checkpoint, but if they encounter you in the ice maze, you will die.

If you like challenging casual games, don’t miss bad ice cream 3.  Your main task here is to collect fruits, and you must avoid the ice monster in the process of moving. If you encounter it, you will lose the game.  It is also good to choose to play PacMan. You need to eat all the food on the screen, but you also need to avoid such monsters. Once they touch you, the game is over.

In the classic solitaire, what you need to do is to move according to the established card rules and order them correctly to complete the game task.  Or choose Sudoku, which you are familiar with. What you need to do is to fill in the missing numbers. The numbers should be filled in without repetition. Therefore, you must think flexibly and observe the overall situation to complete the Sudoku thoroughly.

Paper io is a game similar to snake eating. What you need to do is precisely control the movement of lines so that they can expand the area and even become the largest territory.  However, care must be taken to prevent bumping into obstacles.  Riddle school tests your mind very much. It would be best if you avoided the monitoring of all school devices so that the characters can escape from the school unharmed. This requires your wisdom very much.